A word on maybe

Maybe if we answered “yes” or “no” instead of “maybe“, a lot of things would be more straightforward. Maybe people wouldn’t hide their feelings so much and decisions would be made far quicker. 


A (slightly longer) word on joke

You know, a joke isn’t always something funny.

And today I am going to rant (as in write more words than I usually do for these challenges) and it’s not going to be something very creative/ original/funny either. Cause I’m sure people have been through this kind of situation before. 

Being pregnant has its beauties and its uglies. One of the beauties is that you get free stuff from time to time. However, it can turn into an “ugly” when it turns out it was just a joke of an offer. Shame on me to believe it. Don’t get too used to free stuff, ladies! 

In today’s age of the almighty internet (not even going to capitalize that), getting people’s private info is as easy as buying a list of contacts from someone else. You then use that list to promote stuff online or on the phone. The guys over at Hachette approached me over the phone and like all good sales people do, they convinced me to receive some free books for my baby, together with some not so free which they said I could return at the mere cost of 50p. 

Of course it didn’t cost 50p. And they made sure the books didn’t fit in a small envelope either (even though they’re so thin; totally not worth the money!). And now I think in terms of time lost to the post office and back and time spent writing this rant. 

So when someone tells you “free”, ask them “how free?”. Just a thought on how to avoid a joke on you. 

I hope someone from Hachette reads this. 

A word on luxury

If you ask a high-income person what luxury means for him or her, they will probably reply owning a top brand watch, bag or car, or getting a private jet or yacht.

If you ask a low-income person what luxury means for him or her, they’d probably answer a better place to live or a better salary.

Luxury is a matter of perspective. 

/ a personal opinion, no need to necessarily agree. Thank you. 

A word on paint

“If you want to paint, paint with light!”

I imagine myself saying that to my kid(s) in the future. Not that I have anything against painting, it’s just that I love photography and would love it even more if my kid(s) do too.

And the thing with photography is… there aren’t many people who inspire me in this field. There are only Sue Bryce, Lara Jade and Emily Soto. I follow Sue’s work most of the time, the others’ not as much. I identify with her a lot lately and my dream is to have a business like hers.


How two search engines see praise

I wonder how many people thought of God when they read today’s topic

Even the dictionaries give the act of expressing gratitude to a deity second spot when defining the term. 

On the other hand, Google Image Search seems to only reflect worship.

Not a very creative post from me today, but at least those are two interesting facts.